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Our 'I.T. Helpdesk Technician' package has been carefully crafted to ensure that you have the four key components to qualify with official qualifications and to launch your I.T. career. At the end of this course, you will have extensive knowledge of: Hardware, Software, Networking & Security.
The ideal launch point for an I.T. career is to start off in an I.T. Support or I.T. Technician role. This is because it opens the doors to many career possibilities. Once you have worked in this type of role you will have the foundations to then develop, specialise and grow into: Cyber Security, Networking, Cloud Computing, Data or working your way up the I.T. Support ladder.
Working as an I.T. Support Agent or I.T. Technician you will be the first point of contact should employees or customers have issues with: forgotten passwords, viruses or email issues. If you consider yourself to be an excellent communicator, a problem solver and someone who enjoys dealing with technical issues then this is the career for you.


I.T. Helpdesk Technician

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Why Us?

Price: Starting From £745

Study Time: 3 - 6 Months

Average Salary On Completion: £18,000 - £24,000

Exams Included: CompTIA A+ Exams (worth £330)

Job Offer Guarantee


I.T. Helpdesk Technician

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Courses Included

Our I.T. Helpdesk Technician training programme consists of 5 courses of study:

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

There are 6 key skills you will learn during your CompTIA I.T. Fundamentals studies:

  • I.T. Concepts & Terminology
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications &Software
  • Software Development
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Security
CompTIA A+

There are 9 key skills that you will learn during your CompTIA A+ studies:

  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Hardware & Networking Troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Mobile Services
  • Virtualisation & Cloud Computing
  • Operational Procedures 
CompTIA Network+

There are 5 key skills that you will learn during your CompTIA Network+ studies:

  • Networking Concepts
  • Infrastructure 
  • Network Operations
  • Network Security
  • Network Troubleshooting & Tools
CompTIA Security+

There are 5 key skills that you will learn during your CompTIA Security+ studies:

  • Attacks, Threats & Vulnerabilities 
  • Architecture & Design 
  • Implementation
  • Operations & Incident Response 
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
Windows 10

There are 12 key skills that you will learn during your Windows 10 studies:

    • Introducing Windows 10
    • Installing Windows 10
    • Configuring Devices
    • Configuring Networking Connectivity 
    • Managing Storage, Data and Printers
    • Managing Apps
    • Managing Device Security
    • Maintaining Windows 10
    • Troubleshooting & Recovery
    • Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise Desktops
    • Managing User Profiles & User State Virtualisation 
    • Managing Desktop & Application Settings Using Group Policy


Support Every Step Of The Way

At New To I.T. we support and nurture you from start to finish. With all our training programmes we include:

Benefit from full course support from our team of designated I.T. Mentors. The team is on hand to support and coach you every step of the way from start to finish. No question is too simple or complicated!

Live Labs

Theoretical skills will only take you half of the way. Our Live Labs will provide you with the real-world practical experience and give you the opportunity to look and undertake the tasks of an I.T. professional.

CV Masterclass

You’ve done the hard part now it’s time to get your dream I.T. career. Upon completion you will be assigned a designated Career Coach who will re-master your CV to make sure you’re ready to tackle the I.T. job market.

Job Offer Guarantee

With each of our training programmes we provide a job offer guarantee so you can start your I.T. career upon completion.

The Steps For Success

Step One

First of all you will have an orientation call with your Mentor, who will provide you with a virtual tour of the training platform.


Step Two

Now it's time for you to begin your studies, we recommend that you start with the ‘CompTIA I.T. Fundamentals’ module before working your way through the remaining four modules.


Step Three

It's important for us to track and monitor your progress, after every module you will be given an assignment which will require you to explain how you would solve real-world I.T. problems.


Step Four

Theory will only take you half of the way, now it's time for your practical training with our Live Labs - this gives you the skills you need to be an I.T. professional.


Step Five

It's now time to sit your official CompTIA examination and get you the all important qualification to add to your CV.


Step Six

You've now finished your training, now benefit from career coaching sessions with our team of recruitment specialists and a full CV masterclass and interview tips.



I.T. Helpdesk Technician

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Career Paths & Salary Projections


Frequently Asked Questions

We would recommend that you follow the CompTIA timeline and start with your CompTIA I.T. Fundamentals, then A+, followed by your Network+, Security+ and then finally the Microsoft Windows 10 module.

We would recommend that you complete your studies first as well as your Live Lab to give you the best chance of passing first time.

Yes, you can choose to upgrade your course or add on any desired modules, Live Labs or exams.

To qualify for the job offer guarantee you must have completed all the course material, in-house exams, Live Labs and passed the official qualification you have chosen with your training programme. If you are on a payment plan you must ensure that you have kept up to date with the payment schedule.
Once you have completed all the required learning New To I.T. has 6 months from that date to provide you with a job offer guarantee. This is subject to you not defaulting on any of the above, as well as working alongside our recruitment team, turning up to interviews on time, conducting yourself in a professional manner and accepting reasonable job offers. If no job offer guarantee is provided then we will refund 100% of your money minus the cost of the examinations and Live Labs. 

With every course package that we offer, you have 30 days to access the training material; if you are not entirely satisfied with the training programme we will refund your money. 

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